Have you always wondered what hypnotherapy is all about? Are you thinking of learning hypnosis yourself? Are you intrigued by what hypnosis really is and where it comes from? Or are you the one plain sceptic that does not want to hear all about this Mumbo Jumbo?
In ”Therapeutic Hypnosis Demystified” you will not only discover what hypnosis is all about but also learn how it can be applied to different areas in your desired personal improvements. This book does not only cover the history, it will take you up until the 21st century’s recent developments in this area.
In his direct no-nonsense approach, Filip De Pessemier, being a certified hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, tries to unravel the nuts and bolts of this genuine treasure.

In these pages you’ll discover:

What hypnotherapy is about
How to choose a therapist wisely
How to get free from situations that own you
Why most people can benefit from hypnosis
How to develop a unique skill in communication with yourself and others
If you really want to explore the compelling world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, or maybe want to become a hypnotherapist yourself, this book is for you.

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